Remote Onboarding: Tips & Checklist introdus Onboarding Tool

This can go a long way in making new hires feel like a part of the team on their first day. As we outlined above, effective HR software can help remote onboarding by offering a single source of truth for all your onboarding tasks. Not only that, but it also offers a way to automate all these tasks with ease. Helping new hires feel connected to the team and understand the pecking order is key to creating a sense of belonging.

Addressing any challenges that come up can quickly become time-consuming for both employees and the organization. However, good organization and strategic use of technologies, such as robotic process automation and autofill forms, can trim down the time needed to complete the steps. Onboarding is an employee’s first experience with your company, and you want it to be positive. Make it personal by including team members and anticipating any obstacles a new hire may face. Assign someone from the team to meet with the new hire regularly during the first week or two on the job.

Effective Tips for Onboarding Remote Employees

These buddies will serve as their contact person in case they have any concerns or questions during onboarding. Likewise, these buddies will be responsible for checking in on them and connecting them with the rest of the team. We spent a lot of time on Zoom learning about the company’s history, our industry, the competition in our market, and our customers’ ‘hero’ stories to truly understand our position and product offering. Have a set schedule for the first couple days or even a couple weeks of training.

  • “The buddy is the new team member’s point person throughout the onboarding process,” said Christina Ioannou, vice president of HR at Lewis.
  • You can’t expect your new hires to remember everything about the company in just one sitting.
  • Using an LMS for onboarding makes it easy to automate training rollout.
  • This will help them deliver onboarding programs that are more effective.

It also helps you to monitor the performance of your onboarding process overall and to track learner satisfaction. Be sure to check in with your new hires about their onboarding experience. Try to understand how the process is helping them, what’s working, and what needs work. On top of content creation, collaborative learning should also happen during the onboarding process. With remote onboarding, this communication is even more important – you want your new hire to feel plugged-in to the workplace, even if they can’t be physically present.

Provide training and resources

Make sure to celebrate your new remote onboarding best practices‘s big and small successes. This could be anything from hitting their monthly sales target to completing their training program. Recognizing their achievements will make them feel valued and motivated to continue doing great work. Suppose you are working on many different online marketing tools. In that case, putting together a list of recommended tools for your new employee may be helpful. This way, they can hit the ground running and start being productive immediately.


It will also help them feel more comfortable reaching out to leadership as needed. Make logging in easy by downloading and installing software on their devices before you ship them. If possible, set up and authenticate any accounts they’ll need access to in advance. Having all the information at their fingertips helps new hires know what to expect and assures them you’re invested in their success.

Tips For Your Remote Onboarding

If you create your checklist in Asana, it can also function as a central repository for all onboarding information. Asana lets you link relevant projects and contextual information to each task, so your new hire has all the information they need. Remote onboarding is the process of welcoming new hires to your team and getting them up to speed. It’s the same as a regular onboarding process, except everything is done virtually instead of face-to-face.


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